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        First, how to buy range hood?

        At present, in the market there are a variety of brands and a variety of modeling range hood. How to choose to a performance and price are ideal for the range hood to keep the indoor environment clean and comfortable, is intended to buy every hood consumers concerned about. Specific purchase should pay special attention to the following points:

        1, logo: including two aspects - the range of the hood logo and instructions. In the range hood should be marked on its model, the name of the manufacturer or dealer, trademark, rated voltage, rated input power, certification mark. If the hood has a light bulb, the maximum power of the bulb should be marked on the lampholder or near the lampholder. At the same time each range hood are accompanied by Chinese manual to help consumers safe use. In the manual should be marked with a hood and stove cooking equipment on the support of the minimum distance, prohibit the fire directly bake range hood and so on.

        2, structure: range hood in the structural design should be taken into account easy to effectively remove the accumulation of grease and dirt, should try to make the shell surface smooth and smooth. Usually the range hood is to be fixed on the wall, so it must be fitted with a suitable device to secure it to the wall, except for the key, hole, hook, etc., and this device should be made of a device that is not easily moved or not easily deformed Made of metal.

        3, consumers should be based on the size of their own kitchen and the number of fumes to choose the right range hood. European-style range hood looks beautiful, manufacturing process fine, but it does not have a larger capacity of the set of hood, suitable for larger space, soot is not a lot of modern kitchen; deep range hood handsome, and other styles of smoke Compared to the general, with a large capacity of the advantages of large air capacity, and large capacity of the set of hood has a structure conducive to smoke and smoke, suitable for more fumes, larger space kitchen; thin range hood looks light and beautiful, small footprint , Suitable for small kitchen; and sub-deep range hood between the thin and deep range hood, suitable for space and soot moderate kitchen.

        4, choose a good after-sales service producers and operators. Under normal circumstances, should buy well-known brands of range hood, these enterprises have a high quality service team, advanced production technology and production capacity, not only can produce better quality range hood products, but also provide quality After-sales service, lifting the use of range hood in the process of worries.

        5, consumers should be based on their own spending power to choose the range hood products, when purchased, you can feel the hands around the hood leak leak, the air volume is not big, if the air leakage and the air volume that the smoke The ability to smoke the smoke; can also directly feel the noise range of the hood, especially the front of the noise, and touch the shell to see whether the vibration, quiet, smooth running range hood is the user's first choice.

        Second, the range hood should be how to use and maintenance?

        A, range hood power outlet must use a reliable outlet with a dedicated outlet;

        B, in accordance with the instructions to install a range hood, the general installation height should not be less than 650mm, as far as possible installed in the stove just above;

        C, should be opened before cooking range hood 1-2 minutes to get a better effect of removing fumes;

        D, the replacement of the lamp when the power can not exceed the lamp holder and instructions on the instructions of the maximum, otherwise, will make the lampholder wire and lamp holder temperature rise is too high to accelerate the aging of the wire insulation, resulting in potential danger of electric shock , And even lead to fire;

        E, oil cups in the oil, accumulated to eight full, will be abandoned, so as not to overflow;

        F, after cooking, continue to boot 1-2 minutes, in order to completely drain the residual fumes.

        G, replace the lamp, clean the hood before, should be unplugged plug cut off the power; cleaning with neutral detergent and soft cloth, so as not to damage the shell surface or coating;

        H, filter, cover cleaning:

        (1) Unscrew the screws that secure the cover.

        (2) Remove the filter, cover the neutral detergent in the warm water soak for 5-10 minutes.

        (3) with a soft plastic brush to filter the pores of the dirt clean, and then dry wipes dry.

        (4) Install the filter cover as shown before removing it.

        (5) After installation, check the oil path of the appliance is smooth and the seal on the volute can be sealed.

        (6) Please follow the cycle specified in the instructions to clean the filter, cover.

        I, the internal electrical connection of the hood and the airtight seal parts should not always wash and wash. Sealing ring often wash and wash easily lead to aging deformation, oil easily into the appliance electrical connection parts, affecting its safety performance, reduce the life of the range hood.

        J, kitchen doors and windows on the range of smoke hood suction smoke: the user when using the hood, you must keep the kitchen well ventilated, so not only can improve the range of smoke hood suction capacity, but also can make gas or other fuel combustion There is sufficient oxygen, but also to prevent the gas or other fuel is not full of burning on the personal injury. Therefore, the use of doors and windows should be adjusted to maintain the kitchen on the basis of good ventilation, but also to avoid the convection within the kitchen, reducing the range of smoke hood suction capacity.

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