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        Guide to shopping guide

        (A), hood purchase

        Look at the quality: a look at a professional talk

            A look: that is, look at the process, the product level of the most able to prove a business quality management capabilities, process from the details point of view, take the hood, the panel surface is flawed? Is the corner processing done? Is the key, seams and screws handled perfectly? Which best reflects the quality of a product.

            A try: that is, on-site test machine, must be guided by the manufacturers under the guidance of their own operation on the scene about. Open the hood, feel the amount of air and suction size, but also feel at different heights; listen to the noise, the key to see if there is no noise.

            Noise is a measure of the performance of the range hood is an important indicator, it refers to the rated voltage and rated frequency, the hood to the most high-speed operation, according to the provisions of the method measured A sound power level, the state provides the index value is not greater than 74dB.

            Expert advice: brand is not the fame of the bigger the better, but the more professional the better, to fancy the development of this brand. Product details can often reflect the professional level of a brand.

        Appearance: range hood from the style points, divided into tower and near suction, deep machine.

            Tower machine: This type of range hood to similar to the appearance of the tower name, is usually said that the European machine. Most of the tower machines place the fan system at the top of the chamber, and the air intake faces the rising fumes directly, reducing the fume of the fumes in the smoke chamber to achieve rapid row of fumes. They use a completely closed exhaust chamber, and the body completely separated from the body through the filter oil separation of fumes, reduce the smoke on the motor, the wind erosion at the same time, the exhaust volume has also been fully improved, so the effect of smoke comparison it is good. In addition, the tower machine in the smoke chamber structure design to take the majority of one molding process, daily cleaning is very convenient. Near suction: near suction range hood inlet from the source of fumes closer, shortening the fume up the range of movement, the smoke effect is more ideal. As a result of the appearance of the smoke in the open to take the shape, increasing the scope of cooking space, making no sense of depression when cooking, activities more freedom. Deep machine: This type of range hood is usually called the Chinese machine. Deep machine set smoke deep, cage cigarettes better, mostly practical models.

            Expert advice: In comparison, the tower is usually more beautiful fashion, near suction is more suitable for open kitchen and advocating freedom of people, while the deep machine is more practical.

        See the suction: the most important technical parameters for the suction hood in terms of air volume and wind pressure

            Air volume: In general, the greater the amount of wind, the more quickly and timely to the kitchen fumes exhausted. At the rated voltage and rated frequency, the range hood operates at the highest speed, and in a particular test device, the corresponding exhaust volume is not less than 7 m / min when the static pressure is zero.

            Wind pressure: the greater the wind pressure, the more the ability of the range hood. At rated voltage and rated frequency, the range hood operates at the highest speed. In a particular test device, the static pressure at 7 m / min should be no less than 80 Pa. Wind pressure is an important indicator of the performance of the range hood. If the exhaust pipe is long or received in the public flue, the greater the wind pressure is required to ensure that the flue gas is discharged.


            Expert advice: When other indicators are kept in good condition, as much as possible to select the wind value and the wind pressure value as the better. Shun mention, the wind value and the wind pressure value is not how much design as much as possible, they are subject to many factors.

        (2), stove selection guide

        Look at the panel: the main sub-stainless steel, ceramics, tempered glass, enamel

            Stainless steel: the current domestic home stove market in the mainstream position, the application is very common, the appearance of the atmosphere, simple lines;

            Ceramics: ceramic material through technical improvements, its high temperature, resistance to stamping, resistance and other physical properties have reached a very high level, the application of the stove products on the basic non-existent security issues;

            Tempered glass: Today's tempered glass material panel, its high temperature, resistance to stamping, resistance and other physical properties are good, the appearance of pure spirit, easy to clean.

            Expert advice: in the purchase of glass panel stove must be selected under the panel to add the explosion-proof plate gas stove, because the tempered glass may burst the phenomenon exists, and the explosion-proof plate can help heat and prevent the glass burst and splash.

        Look at the heat load

            Load: heat load is divided into rated heat load, measured heat load, measured conversion heat load. The thermal load in the technical parameters of the stove product is the rated heat load, also known as the rated heat flow, which is the design value of the heat load of the stove when the reference gas is used in the standard state under the rated gas supply pressure.

            Experts recommend: Chinese people because of cooking habits, often need to stir, heat load is often the choice of many people the main condition of the stove, in fact, too much heat load is not only a waste of energy, and easy to produce large amounts of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides Exhaust gas, affecting physical health. So the best choice in the purchase of stove when the heat load between 3.6 ~ 4.2KW products, so that both to meet the needs of cooking fried, but also play a role in energy conservation and reduce emissions.

        Look at the burner head: Mainly divided into single burner and split burner

            The burner is non-removable for the integral burner, which is detachable for the split burner. It is recommended to select the integral burner. The thermal expansion coefficient of each material is different, the gas stove in the long-term use of high temperature, if the panel up and down two parts, especially the gas path part of the material used in the use of a period of time after the material heat distortion, When the seal state, which may produce air tightness leakage. Second, the user in the clean cooker, pick up or touch the burner, it is easy to cause the burner dislocation, in addition to causing gas leakage, but also easy to form an abnormal state of combustion, resulting in gas stove tempering, deflagration and other security risks The According to a manufacturer of maintenance statistics show that its split burner gas stove due to burner dislocation caused by the maintenance of such products accounted for more than 20% of the overall maintenance rate. In addition, the current gas stove ignition on the use of electronic pulse ignition principle, and its ignition needle material with ceramic and nickel-chromium alloy, easily vulnerable to damage and damage. If you often move the burner will greatly increase the ignition needle damage rate.

            Expert advice: selection of the best choice when the stove burner burner.


        See the way into the wind

            Down the air: it is necessary to burn the secondary air is the bottom of the stove into the small hole;

            Upwind: the second air required for its combustion is from the burner into the burner from the gap of the burner and the liquid;

            Backward wind: The second air required for its combustion is entered from the back of the stove panel.

            Expert advice: With the overall kitchen products continue to mature, in the practical application of more and more widely, a single way into the wind has been unable to meet the daily kitchen operating requirements. Therefore, experts suggest that the best choice in the selection of stove with more than two kinds of way into the stove.

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